I was born and raised in the islands; hence my accent. The first island of record was Long Island, growing up in Wantagh and then Seaford, on the south shore. 


I had a very wonderful childhood growing up with an identical twin brother, a loving mother and an always working father. I got into a lot of trouble, got bad grades in class and good grades on those "let' see how smart everybody is" tests. I played la crosse and wrestled in high school, and was part of the student government. I was suspended everytime I did anything more than breathe. I really learned alot in high school. 


I went to college at the local two year C.C., for about a semester, dropped out, worked like a dog, dropped back in, and then out again. Went out to South Dakota, and lived with the Sioux on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, hitchiked around, found myself in San Francisco in the early seventies, then Manhattan (N.Y.C.), then, inexplicably, Salt Lake City, Utah.


I have made music and have performed in all of these places, and most places in between. I have toured the West and Northwest until I puked. I don' like the road. 

I have three children, am a single parent and perform now because I want to. 

I write alot of songs about love because I don' know squat about it. And I am always surprised. I drink bourbon because of this, or just because I like to drink bourbon. I hang out in the city with cool musicians and other songwriters, and have a dog named Yahoo. I love to cook, hate to clean (but do), and drive an old car and wear old clothes only because it' cool. 

I still love all of my old girlfriends, and wish that they would call me. 

I have performed with Bonnie Raitt, David Bromberg, Dave Mason, Jose Feliciano, John Mayall, Elvin Bishop, and a host of other very talented, successful artists. I have played guitar forever, and still play about as well as I fish.


I can field dress a buffalo (if I know it' size), and bake bread. I eat all of my vegetables, and love cheese and butter. I still do most things wrong, but am rarely suspended anymore. I have bad teeth, hearing and eyesight, but a good heart, nose and arms. I perform with alot of intensity; I jump around alot, make faces and lose consciousness sometimes. 

I am very much a performance artist. I am all growed up now, and it is still exciting to be onstage. I am presently performing with my studio band; an eclectic group of players who can kick your ass (musically). In addition, most of them are my friends. 

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